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“Sammy & Me” is an extremely powerful play with music. It will entertain you while enlightening you on the shifting sands of social conscience in our nation and our world. You will feel the pain of the struggle too many people of color still endure to this day.These two artists, Wendy Dann and Eric Jordan Young presented a piercing soulful exploratory dissection of the talented Sammy Davis Jr....


This show is spellbinding. "



Sammy Davis, Jr: singer, dancer, child star, fixture of the Rat Pack...but at what cost? Broadway performer Eric Jordan Young and director Wendy Dann investigate Eric's obsession with Sammy - and his questions take audiences on a whirlwind journey through Sammy's life and his music. But when we ask 'who was the man behind the perfect cool smile?' the answers that unravel are as powerful as the new questions they raise.

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